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Sub-Zero Dry Ice offers a complete solution for our customer’s dry ice needs. We deliver dry ice, coolers and frozen gel packs to your location within one hour after you place your order. When you need to ship frozen products our experienced team will package your perishables with the highest quality materials.

What we offer

Dry Ice

Experience the unmatched freezing capabilities of Sub Zero Dry Ice – your go-to source for reliable and effective freezing solutions. Our dry ice is perfect for a variety of needs, from preserving perishables in industrial settings to enhancing food safety in catering services, all with the highest standards of quality.

Gel Packs

Experience the convenience and sustained cooling of our Gel Packs. Specially designed for safe and effective temperature control, they are ideal for transporting pharmaceuticals, food, and other temperature-sensitive items.


Explore our range of high-quality Coolers, tailored to protect and preserve under any condition. From pre-molded to custom-sized shipping coolers, we offer durable and reliable options for all your transport needs.

Specialized Services

Sub Zero Dry Ice excels in Specialized Services, offering unique solutions like frozen packaging, airport services, and blasting services. We cater to specific requirements, ensuring top-tier performance and client satisfaction.

Order Dry Ice Online

Simplify your dry ice orders with our intuitive online ordering. Deliver in 1-3 business days across Florida, and we can reliably meet your dry ice needs anywhere in the state. 

*Only available in the state of Florida.

Pioneering Advanced Dry Ice Solutions with Precision and Care.

Sub Zero Dry Ice stands as a beacon of excellence in the Dry ice industry, driven by a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Based in the heart of Florida, we extend our premium services to Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Puerto Rico, specializing in a comprehensive range of Dry ice products and solutions. From robust dry ice for industrial needs to custom-sized coolers for secure transportation, our offerings are designed to meet the diverse and specific requirements of our clients.

At Sub Zero Dry Ice, we are not just suppliers; we are partners in your success, guaranteeing that your dry ice needs are met with the highest standards of excellence and precision.

Why Us?

Hassle-Free Online Orders

Ordering dry ice is just a click away. Our streamlined online system ensures a smooth and efficient purchasing experience

  • No Charge to your Company
  • Easy and Fast to Use
  • Optimized Processing
  • Elimination of Incorrect Information, delays and non-compliance
  • Check the Status of your Orders
  • Proof of Delivery

Always In Stock

Never worry about running out. Our vast inventory ensures we're always ready to meet your dry ice needs.

Delivery Within an Hour

Thanks to our state of the art ordering system, conveniently located branches and large fleet and inventory we are able to deliver any amount of dry ice you need in around one hour after you place your order.

Our Dry Ice Solutions

Order Online - 40lb Dry Ice

Elevate your freezing game with SubZero Dry Ice! Whether you need long-lasting solid blocks for industrial prowess or versatile pellets for transportation or show, we’ve got you covered. Perfect for events, shipping, or scientific endeavors, our dry ice ensures top-notch performance.

Choose your dry ice and we’ll ship it to you.

*Only available in the state of Florida.

Solid Blocks

Ideal for prolonged freezing, our solid dry ice blocks ensure a consistent temperature, perfect for bulk shipping and industrial needs with their extended sublimation time.


Sub Zero’s dry ice pellets provide efficient, targeted freezing for medical, catering, events and specialized packaging applications.


Utilize our dry ice blasting service for an eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning that’s effective in debris removal and surface preparation without residue.

Gel Packs

Our Gel packs offer lasting cold temperatures with minimal mess, optimal for medical transport and perishable goods requiring stable cooling.

Uses of Our Dry Ice Solutions

Industrial Applications

Perfect for manufacturing and industrial use, our dry ice ensures optimal freezing for machinery, safe handling of temperature-sensitive materials, and efficient cleaning with dry ice blasting.

Medical and Pharmaceuticals

Our products ensure critical temperature control for the safe transport and storage of medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and biological samples, preserving integrity and efficacy.

Event and Catering Services

From creating stunning visual effects at events to ensuring food and beverages remain chilled, our dry ice solutions add a touch of sophistication and practicality to any gathering or catering need.

“Best Dry Ice Company in Miami. I am being theirs Customer for over 8 Years. All the members of the staff are very Professional which experience to recommend any options depending of your needs. Thanks Sub Zero Dry Ice Inc for your Support.”

Dwan Clark

Restaurant Owner

“Switching to Subzero’s dry ice was a game-changer for our medical clinic. The consistent quality and reliable delivery have made our operations smoother.”


MEdical Research

“Subzero services offer great products at a great piece, but mostly they have an amazing knowleddge of the business industry. Very professional and have a great team .”

Ketsia Desauguste


What our clients have to say

They believe in us

We package your Products for the Longest Trips

Shipping Coolers

Built for durability and insulation, our shipping coolers are your reliable partner for long-distance transport. They keep your products chilled and protected, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition.

Pre-Molded Coolers

Ideal for small to medium shipments, our pre-molded coolers ensure your items maintain their required temperature for up to 5 days. Perfect for pharmaceuticals, perishable foods, or sensitive electronics.


Perishable items, whether they are food products, pharmaceuticals, or specialty chemicals, have a limited shelf life and can be sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Proper repacking is essential not just for preserving the quality of the product, but also for ensuring safety standards.

Airport Services

Round-the-clock emergency services at Miami International Airport ensuring your shipments never face temperature-related issues. Whether it’s replenishing dry ice, adding gel packs, or replacing compromised coolers, we’ve got you covered.

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