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Advanced Cooler Solutions at Sub Zero Dry Ice

The Importance of High-Quality Coolers

In the world of temperature-sensitive transportation and storage, the quality of your cooler is paramount. At Sub Zero Dry Ice, our coolers are more than just storage containers; they are advanced solutions designed to maintain optimal temperature conditions. These coolers play a crucial role in preserving the integrity of perishable goods, pharmaceuticals, and other critical materials. By offering consistent temperature control, they prevent spoilage and ensure that products reach their destination in perfect condition, making them indispensable for businesses and events where quality cannot be compromised.

Customizable Cooler Options for Every Need

Recognizing the distinct needs of each client, Sub Zero Dry Ice offers an array of cooler choices, from pre-molded to tailor-made sizes. Whether it’s a small cooler for individual use or a substantial, bespoke model for business shipping, our selection accommodates every requirement. These coolers are not just adaptable but also crafted for lasting performance and effectiveness, guaranteeing a fitting solution for any freezing challenge. Suitable for various uses, our coolers provide the necessary flexibility and dependability to maintain optimal freezing conditions for your items in all situations.

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Pre-Molded Coolers

Shipping Coolers

Panel/Logo Coolers

  • E-Commerce Shipping Solution
  • Custom Made

Tailored coolers designed exclusively for bulk E-Commerce distribution, ensuring your product’s integrity from storage to delivery.

At Subzero, we recognize the unique demands of E-Commerce. Our Panel-Logo coolers are crafted specifically for high-volume orders, ensuring a snug fit for your products and freezing agents. Not only do they offer space efficiency with their panel design, but their accompanying cardboard boxes can also be branded with your logo, enhancing your brand visibility with every shipment.

Mylar Bags

  • The Best for meat shipping

Setting a new standard in long-term food storage with unparalleled protection features.

Mylar Bags for Food Storage. Mylar bags used in food storage have revolutionized the way that food is stored long-term. The main ways that food is affected by long-term storage are through heat, light, moisture, oxygen, and rodents. Mylar in its basic form is actually a CLEAR material made from polyester resin. Commonly known mylar bags for long term food storage are actually the clear “mylar” material laminated to aluminum foil, creating the effect of a flexible tin can. This size match with our Pre-molded coolers and Panel-Logo Coolers

Our Advantages

Redefining speed and versatility in dry ice solutions. At Sub Zero, we promise rapid, reliable service with a product for every need.

Strategic Location

Strategically positioned in Miami and Puerto Rico, we ensure incredibly swift dry ice deliveries. Our prime locations enable us to fulfill orders within an hour, making us leaders in rapid response and efficiency.

Largest Inventory

From solid blocks for long-term freezing, fine pellets for detailed applications, to specialized blasting services and gel packs for consistent temperature control, our extensive array covers all your dry ice requirements.

Diverse Stock

Benefit from our 20 years of expertise in the dry ice sector. Our long-standing experience guarantees top-quality, dependable freezing solutions, customized for your unique requirements and supported by comprehensive market knowledge.

Order Online

Benefit from our state-of-the-art ordering and tracking system. Designed for ease and efficiency, it allows you to place orders quickly and monitor delivery status in real-time, providing peace of mind and exceptional service.

More of our services

Dry Ice

Dry ice, the solid version of carbon dioxide, stands out as an exceptionally effective freezing agent, suited for numerous applications. It transitions directly from solid to gas, providing intense freezing without any water residue. Ideal for transporting perishables, conducting industrial cleaning, or generating theatrical effects, dry ice is the top selection for dependable, high-efficiency freezing.


Sub Zero Dry Ice offers expert repackaging services, ensuring your products are safely and efficiently prepared for transit. Our team specializes in temperature-sensitive repackaging, for all your logistical needs.

Airport Services

Conveniently situated at Miami International Airport, our 24/7 airport service ensures quick and expert management of your freezing needs. Be it urgent shipments or specialized cargo handling, we offer premier airport support.

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