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FAQ & Tips

Dry ice’s longevity depends on its form and storage conditions. Typically, a block of dry ice can last up to 24 hours in a standard cooler, while pellets might sublimate faster. Ensure you use it within 24 hours of purchase and always store in an insulated container to maximize its lifespan.

Yes, dry ice can be used in drinks for a smoky effect, but it should never be consumed directly. Always wait until the dry ice has completely sublimated before drinking. Use food-grade dry ice and handle with care, using tongs or gloves.

Gel Packs offer a consistent temperature range, typically between 2°C to 8°C, for up to 48 hours. They’re ideal for perishables like meats and pharmaceuticals during transit. Traditional ice packs might not maintain a stable temperature for as long, making Gel Packs a preferred choice for extended transit times.

Always wear insulated gloves when handling dry ice to avoid frostbite. Ensure good ventilation when using it, as dry ice releases carbon dioxide. Never seal dry ice in airtight containers as the gas buildup can cause it to burst.

Many airlines allow dry ice in checked baggage with specific guidelines, like declaring it during check-in and ensuring proper ventilation in the packaging. It’s always best to check with your airline beforehand.

Dry ice is made by pressurizing and cooling carbon dioxide gas until it solidifies. The solid carbon dioxide is then molded into desired shapes, like blocks, pellets, or rice-sized particles for blasting.

Yes, Gel Packs can be refrozen and reused multiple times. Ensure they’re fully frozen before reusing to maintain the desired temperature range during transit.

The “smoke” you see is not actual smoke. When dry ice sublimates, it turns directly from a solid to carbon dioxide gas, creating a foggy effect when it comes in contact with the moisture in the air.

Absolutely! Dry ice is excellent for keeping food and drinks cold during camping trips or picnics, especially if you won’t have access to a freezer or fridge. Remember to handle with care and keep it away from direct contact with food.

Dry ice is environmentally friendly, as it sublimates into carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring gas. However, it’s crucial to ensure proper ventilation in confined spaces. Gel Packs, being water-based, are also safe, but it’s advisable to recycle the plastic packaging appropriately.

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