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Understanding Dry Ice

Dry ice, the solid state of carbon dioxide, is notable for its extreme coldness at -78.5°C. It sublimates, transitioning directly from solid to gas without a liquid phase, making it an optimal choice for various freezing requirements. Its uses are extensive, ranging from maintaining perishables during transportation to creating special effects in entertainment, providing a clean and effective freezing solution.

Diverse Dry Ice Offerings at Sub Zero

Sub Zero Dry Ice meets diverse industry requirements with a variety of dry ice solutions. Our solid blocks are ideal for extended storage, while our pellets are perfect for targeted freezing in medical and culinary applications. Gel packs maintain consistent temperature control, and our blasting services offer an eco-friendly cleaning option. We guarantee quality and dependability in our entire product range to efficiently address the specific needs of various sectors.

Our Dry Ice Solutions

Solid Blocks

  • Variety of Sizes
  • Used for bigger & longer shipment
  • Big

Our Dry Ice Solid Blocks embody the epitome of freezing efficiency, meticulously crafted for strong and lasting performance. Each block is a dense, compact unit of solid carbon dioxide, delivering consistent and prolonged freezing. This form is especially beneficial for sustaining low temperatures over extended periods, making it perfect for a range of uses, from transporting perishables to preserving temperature-sensitive materials. Unlike conventional water-based ice, our Dry Ice Solid Blocks sublimate directly from solid to gas, offering a dry freezing solution that is essential in avoiding moisture damage to delicate items.


  • Easier to handle
  • Pharmaceuticals Uses
  • Good for Party and Events

Our Dry Ice Pellets provide a perfect mix of ease and adaptability, favored in many industries. These small, cylindrical forms of solid carbon dioxide are excellent for targeted freezing needs. Their manageability and ease of distribution make them ideal for shipping samples where consistent temperature maintenance is crucial. In pharmaceuticals, these pellets are key to transporting medicines and vaccines under ideal conditions, ensuring their effectiveness. The uniformity in shape and size of the pellets results in a steady freezing rate, critical for delicate and important applications.


  • Use for blasting cleaning
  • No oxidation or residues
  • Minimum Order of 500 lb
  • Needs Qualified Personal

Blasting Dry Ice is the ultimate solution for those who demand precision and cleanliness in their cleaning processes. Specially crafted for use in specialized blasting machines, this type of dry ice provides an exceptionally effective cleaning method, devoid of any residue. It’s ideal for environments where cleanliness is paramount, such as food processing plants, industrial equipment maintenance, or even delicate electronic components. The blasting process involves propelling the dry ice at high speeds, which upon contact, sublimates instantly, lifting dirt and contaminants without leaving any moisture or residues. This unique attribute makes it an invaluable tool in settings where traditional cleaning methods could cause damage or contamination.

Gel Packs

  • 48 Hours Cold
  • Good for Meats
  • Pharmaceuticals Uses
Our Gel Packs are engineered for long-lasting temperature control, capable of keeping items cold for up to 48 hours. Available in multiple sizes, these packs are perfect for a variety of needs, from preserving foods to maintaining pharmaceuticals at controlled temperatures. Their design ensures a consistent cooling environment, which is essential for the safe transport of temperature-sensitive items. These Gel Packs have become a popular choice for shipping meats, medicines, and other perishables. Their reliability and efficiency in maintaining a stable temperature make them an invaluable asset in the transportation of goods that require specific cooling conditions. Whether you’re shipping across the city or the country, our Gel Packs ensure your products arrive in optimal condition.

Our Advantages

Redefining speed and versatility in dry ice solutions. At Sub Zero, we promise rapid, reliable service with a product for every need.

Strategic Location

Strategically positioned in Miami and Puerto Rico, we ensure incredibly swift dry ice deliveries. Our prime locations enable us to fulfill orders within an hour, making us leaders in rapid response and efficiency.

Largest Inventory

Whether it’s solid blocks for extended freezing, fine pellets for precise applications, specialized blasting solutions, or gel packs for steady temperature maintenance, our comprehensive range meets all your dry ice needs.

Diverse Stock

Leverage our 20 years of experience in the dry ice industry. This extensive expertise ensures high-quality, reliable solutions tailored to your specific dry ice needs, backed by a deep understanding of the market.

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Benefit from our state-of-the-art ordering and tracking system. Designed for ease and efficiency, it allows you to place orders quickly and monitor delivery status in real-time, providing peace of mind and exceptional service.

More of our services


Discover our range of robust coolers, designed for optimal temperature maintenance. From pre-molded to custom-sized options, our coolers are perfect for secure and efficient transportation of temperature-sensitive goods.


Sub Zero Dry Ice offers expert repackaging services, ensuring your products are safely and efficiently prepared for transit. Our team specializes in temperature-sensitive repackaging, for all your logistical needs.

Airport Services

Strategically located at Miami International Airport, our round-the-clock airport service guarantees swift and professional handling of your dry ice requirements. Whether it’s last-minute shipments or specialized cargo handling, we provide top-tier airport support.

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