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Dry Ice Pellets – 40 Lbs Box


Dry Ice Pellets – 40 Lbs Box

Designed for strong, lasting freezing,  and dependable performance.

40Lbs Box of Dry Ice Pellets offers a versatile, efficient freezing solution ideal for a wide range of applications. Made from solid carbon dioxide, it sublimates directly from solid to gas at -78.5°C (-109.3°F), providing powerful freezing without leaving moisture behind.

This makes it perfect for preserving perishable goods during transport, creating special effects and drinks, experiments, and facilitating industrial processes. Its substantial quantity caters to both commercial and individual needs, ensuring reliable performance across various sectors. Safe handling with protective gloves and adequate ventilation is advised due to its extreme cold and the potential for CO2 buildup in enclosed spaces.

Shipped in a specially designed box designed to help with longevity.


Why Subzero Dry Ice Pellets?

Our dry ice pellets ensure consistent freezing with their uniform size, ideal for delicate tasks, compact packaging, and events. Versatile and user-friendly, they are excellent for pharmaceuticals, shipping samples, and enhancing beverage presentations.

Convenient Freezing

The consistent shape and size of our Dry Ice Pellets ensure a uniform freezing rate, ideal for delicate and crucial applications.

Versatile Applications

Perfect for sample shipping, drink preparations, pharmaceuticals, and classroom experiments. Its cylindrical shape makes it a favorite for events and parties.

Easier to handle

Versatile cylindrical shape, perfect for smaller packages and easy handling.

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Our Dry Ice Pellets embody the epitome of freezing efficiency, meticulously crafted for strong and lasting performance. Each pellet is a dense, compact unit of solid carbon dioxide, delivering consistent and prolonged freezing. This form is especially beneficial for sustaining low temperatures over extended periods, making it perfect for a range of uses, from transporting perishables to preserving temperature-sensitive materials. Unlike conventional water-based ice, our Dry Ice Pellets sublimate directly from solid to gas, offering a dry freezing solution that is essential in avoiding moisture damage to delicate items.


Industries that benefit

Pharma Industry

In the pharmaceutical frontier, these pellets play a crucial role in the transportation of medications and vaccines under optimal conditions, preserving their efficacy.

Transporting Sensitive goods

Experience rapid and efficient freezing with these pellets, ensuring your perishables stay frozen and your temperature-sensitive materials are well-preserved.

And More…

Widely used for sample shipping, drinks preparation, pharmaceuticals, classroom experiments

Ready to upgrade your freezing game?

The Science Behind Subzero Dry Ice Pellets

Easier to Handle

  • Suitable for Pharmaceutical

Dry ice is formed through the sublimation of carbon dioxide gas. The gas is pressurized, cooled, at extremely low temperature of -78.5°C (-109.3°F), and then rapidly expanded, causing it to freeze into fine particles.

These particles are compacted into solid blocks or pellets. Dry ice Pellets are modified in cylindrical shapes of approximately 3/4″ in diameter and 1″- 2″ in length. Dry ice Pellets undergo sublimation when exposed to normal atmospheric conditions, transitioning directly from a solid to a gas, releasing carbon dioxide and creating the characteristic fog ensuring moisture-free freezing solution.

Ask us anything

While Dry Ice Pellets are safe when handled properly, it’s essential to use gloves or insulated tools since they are extremely cold (around -78.5°C/-109.3°F). Avoid direct contact with your skin to prevent frostbite.

Dry Ice Pellets are made from solid CO2 and do not melt into a liquid. Instead, they sublimate directly into carbon dioxide gas, making them ideal for situations where moisture is a concern.

Yes, Dry Ice Pellets are excellent for food and beverage freezing, offering quick and effective temperature control.

The longevity of Dry Ice Pellets depends on factors such as ambient temperature and insulation. Typically, they can last for several hours to a couple of days in a well-insulated container.

Dry Ice Pellets should be allowed to sublimate in a well-ventilated area or returned to the supplier for disposal. Do not dispose of them in a closed container, as the buildup of CO2 gas can be hazardous.

Dry Ice Pellets are made from recycled CO2 and do not produce any greenhouse gases during sublimation, making them an eco-friendly cooling solution.

Dry Ice Pellets are used in the medical field for transportation and storage of vaccines and medications that require strict temperature control.

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