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Sub-Zero Ice Services offers a complete solution for our customer’s dry ice needs. We deliver dry ice, coolers and frozen gel packs to your location within one hour after you place your order. When you need to ship frozen or refrigerated products our experienced team will package your perishables with the highest quality materials.


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How Do We Work?

We combine our experience, technology and dedication to making buying dry ice a seamless process for all our customers. With a couple clicks an order is placed, our warehouse received the detailed order and from there, our team will have it ready and on its way in less than an hour. When needing a specialized service we are able to quote and perform any size re-icing or packaging service the same day is requested, your locations or ours.


Introducing our Dry Ice Solid Blocks. Crafted for superior performance, these blocks are dense, compact masses of frozen carbon dioxide, engineered to deliver robust and enduring cooling.

Dry ice’s extremely low temperature (-78.5°C/-109.3°F) helps prevent spoilage and bacterial growth. 
It also leaves minimal moisture behind. As dry ice sublimates, it does not produce any liquid, which in turn reduces the risk of contamination and spoilage, making it perfect for transporting perishable goods or safeguarding temperature-sensitive materials. without the need of electricity or other forms of cooling.


Extended Cooling Duration: Each block ensures a consistent and prolonged cooling effect, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

Versatility: Perfect for transporting perishable goods or safeguarding thermo-sensitive materials, these solid blocks adapt to diverse cooling needs.

Moisture-Free Cooling: Unlike traditional ice, our Dry Ice Solid Blocks sublime directly from solid to gas, providing a moisture-free cooling solution. This feature is crucial for preventing water damage to delicate items.

Efficiency Redefined: Elevate your cooling experience with the efficiency of our Dry Ice Solid Blocks. They set a new standard for temperature management, ensuring reliability in every use.

Experience the difference with our Dry Ice Solid Blocks – where innovation meets excellence in cooling technology.

Order now to redefine your cooling solutions!


Discover the cutting-edge solution to your cooling needs with our Dry Ice Pellets. 

These small, cylindrical high-performance pellets are crafted from frozen carbon dioxide, offering a versatile and efficient cooling option for various applications.


  1. Precision Cooling: Our Dry Ice Pellets provide precise temperature control, making them perfect for situations where accuracy is required. Their ease of handling and distribution makes them perfect for sample shipping, where maintaining a consistent temperature is vital.
  2. Rapid Cooling: Experience quick and effective cooling with these pellets, ensuring that your perishable items stay fresh and your temperature-sensitive materials remain intact.
  3. Ease of Use: The compact size and uniform shape of the pellets make them easy to handle and distribute, providing convenience in various applications.
  4. Clean and Dry: Say goodbye to messy and watery solutions. Our Dry Ice Pellets sublime directly from solid to gas, leaving no residue and ensuring a moisture-free cooling experience.
  5. Versatility: Whether you’re transporting goods, conducting experiments, or hosting events, our Dry Ice Pellets offer a versatile cooling solution to meet your unique requirements.

Moreover, In the pharmaceutical frontier, these pellets play a crucial role in the transportation of medications and vaccines under optimal conditions, preserving their efficacy.

Upgrade your cooling game with our Dry Ice Pellets – the smart choice for efficiency, precision, and cleanliness. 

Order now to experience cooling with finesse!


Revolutionize your cleaning experience with Blasting Dry Ice designed for those who prioritize precision and spotlessness in their cleaning routines. Specifically tailored for use in specialized blasting machines, this unique form of dry ice ensures an exceptionally efficient cleaning process, leaving no trace of residue behind.

So how blasting process is carried out?

The blasting process involves propelling the dry ice at high speeds, which upon contact, sublimates instantly, lifting dirt and contaminants without leaving any moisture or residues.


  1. Precision Cleaning: Dry Ice Blasting is tailored to provide precision cleaning in even the most challenging environments. It’s the ideal solution for removing contaminants from industrial equipment, delicate machinery, and sensitive electronic components without causing damage.
  2. Residue-Free Performance: Unlike traditional cleaning methods, our dry ice blasting leaves no residue behind. The process involves propelling dry ice particles at high speeds, instantly sublimating upon impact and lifting away dirt, grease, and contaminants without any mess.
  3. Versatility: From food processing plants to automotive facilities, Dry Ice Blasting adapts seamlessly to various applications. Its versatility makes it a go-to choice for industries where maintaining a high level of cleanliness is non-negotiable.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: As dry ice sublimates into carbon dioxide gas during the cleaning process, it leaves behind no waste, making it an environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning solution.

These unique attributes make it an invaluable tool in settings where traditional cleaning methods might pose a risk of damage or contamination.

Elevate your cleaning standards with Dry Ice Blasting – the future of efficient, residue-free, and eco-friendly cleaning. 

Contact us now to experience a new era in cleanliness and precision.

Make Your Shipments a Breeze with Subzero Gel Packs

Subzero Gel Packs: Precision Cooling, Unparalleled Confidence in Every Shipment

Why Subzero Gel Packs?

  • Crafted for Maximum Chill
  • Mess-Free and Leak-Proof
  • Versatile for Any Occasion
A 48-Hour Cold Solution for Meats and Pharmaceuticals

Description: No matter your cooling needs, Subzero Gel Packs have you covered. From preserving foods to safeguarding pharmaceuticals, our packs come in multiple sizes to suit a variety of requirements. Their design is not just about chilling; it’s about consistency. The secret to safe transport of temperature-sensitive items lies in the reliable and stable cooling environment our packs provide.

Industries that Benefit

Keeping Food Fresh (with food image): Whether you’re a foodie or love a good barbecue, our gel packs ensure your ingredients stay fresh, ready to impress at the grill.

Shipping Perishables (shipping image) In the business of transporting goods? Our gel packs are your reliable partners, maintaining the optimal temperature to preserve the quality of your products.

Key Features: 

  • Extended Cooling: Up to 48 hours of cold perfection.
  • Versatile Sizes: Choose from 8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, and 48 oz.
  • Pharmaceutical-Grade: Ideal for medicines that demand controlled temperatures.

The Science Behind Subzero Gel Packs Your Ideal Choice for Meats, Medicines, and More

These innovative packs, essentially plastic packages of water with a viscosity-increasing additive, freeze to perfection. Operating within a temperature range of 2 Celsius to 8 Celsius for 48 hours, they have become the go-to choice for foods and pharmaceuticals requiring controlled temperatures

(with an image of factory making or packing gel packs)

Conclusion: Unleash the power of Subzero Gel Packs – your ultimate solution for extended temperature control. Choose Subzero for reliability, efficiency, and the assurance that your shipments will always be in optimal condition. Elevate your cooling experience today with Subzero Gel Packs.

Frozen and Refrigerated Packaging

When shipping perishable products: food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, blood, etc .. the quality of materials used and the structural composition of the package are determinant to reach the destination at the required shipping temperature. Shipping transit times vary for each destination when preparing a perishable shipment for our customers we at Subzero Ice Services take care of every detail. If you are looking to take your food business to an E-Commerce platform: we have the solutions you are looking for

Airport Services

If your shipment is at Miami International Airport and needs dry ice, gel packs or a cooler replaced we have the ability to perform on short notice at any time or any day of the week. Our team is on call 24/7, we keep a large inventory of dry ice and frozen gel packs. We have coolers of different sizes and we can custom-built a cooler or a cardboard box to any dimension you need to be replaced because your original package is damaged.

Bars, Restaurants & Events

Dry Ice is commonly used to enhance the design of drinks, gourmet plates, stages, pools, outdoor events, etc. For these uses we have all kinds of dry ice shapes: pellets, 5 and 10 lbs slices, wrapped slices, blocks and at customer request, we can cut the ice to any specific dimension. For bars and restaurants, we have economic packages with free delivery and preset delivery schedules. This way the freshest dry ice always arrives right on time allowing our busy customers to have one less worry.

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